Earthing Strip


Earthing strips are attached to the earthing bars for safety of both, the devices and the users. In some cases, the insulated cables are replaced by the galvanized earthing strips owing to their lower cost and prevention from theft. The earthing strips provide the required minimum earthing resistance to meet any installations requirement. Through galvanization, the earthing strips acquire enhanced physical and electrical properties. The galvanized earth strips come with rust resistance, high earthing resistance, better appearance, and low maintenance. These features make the galvanized earthing strips a better option for earthing solutions.

Indmark offers the best in industry hot-dip galvanizing earthing strips in Pune. The manufacturing facility in Bhosari, Pune produces the best in class galvanized earthing strips with the help of sophisticated machinery. We provide the galvanized earthing strips in different sizes according to your requirements. We also provide customized products as per your given specifications.


Specification Type Specification Value