Channel Angle


Channels are used as construction connections in facades, precast concrete construction, residential construction and tunnels, and for lift constructions, infrastructure projects including bridges or crane runway fixings, and switchyard structures. While angles are generally used in communication towers, railway and highway protection, lamp posts, marine structures, construction structures, electricity industry, etc. As both channels and angles are used for heavy-duty applications, it is necessary for them to be strong and sturdy. They often come in contact with water, air, and heat, which can make them weak. Thus, they need to be strengthened through galvanization. Galvanized channels and angles are stronger and more durable than the conventional steel channels and angles.

We have gained expertise in hot-dip galvanizing of channels and angles. With our experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer and supplier of hot-dip galvanizing channel angles in Pune. Our manufacturing facility in Bhosari, Pune produces world-class hot-dip galvanized channels and angles. In our manufacturing plant, we have best in class machinery and equipment. Our broad range of hot-dip galvanized channels and angles fulfill the requirements of our customers. We also provide customized hot-dip galvanized channels and angles according to the requirements of our customers.


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